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About Kay Durden the Designer for Kay's Art of Millinery 
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My name is Kay and for those new to the Millinery Art and me I have been in the Millinery business more than twenty years. Through the years; and even now people ask how I became interested in the millinery art. The fact is Princess Diana a hat wearer was my inspiration, and my sewing and design experience led me to the decision to make hats. My first line of hats consists of bridal frames which were purchased from fabric stores and customer requests for other hats led me on a quest to find a local millinery school. 

During that time hats were very popular and worn by both men and women as fashion statements. People participating in weddings, graduations, social events and many women in African American churches were also wearing hats regularly and still do.

With no formal training I went on a quest to find millinery schools and learned most were located cross country. During that time the only classes near me and holding any possibility of me attending were taught by private citizens in their homes. Those  classes were booked in advance with waiting lists and I later learned the classes were filled with continuing students who knew they had to learn all they could.……. while they could. 

It didn’t take long to realize the art I wanted so desperately to learn was one of the best kept secrets and the few available instructors teaching the art of millinery were not willing to share with new students. This is still the situation in many cases, but I was lucky; a friend helped me find one of the top milliners in my area. I worked very hard to perfect my art and in some cases there are things I am still learning about the art of millinery.... and attempting to do even better. 

Over the years my designs have been sold in various states; some of which I also taught hat making classes and millinery workshops. During the very early courses students purchased hat frames to cover, just as I did when I first started. Much of what was chosen by the student were the same because most millinery houses carried the same styles which did not give them the opportunity to learn the process of covering other styles. Certainly there are those who wish to use simpler hat frames, however those that do not have more choices here.     

Later when I started two, then three day frame making and covering workshops students were given the opportunity to choose different styles from my collection hat blocks. However the process of creating hat frames from scratch and covering them was more time consuming than anticipated which prompted me to create hat frames in advance for them to cover.  

Some time later the decision was made to offer these buckram hat frames to the public, then a few months ago I decided to offer a line of hat frames using FOSSHAPE(R)material. This is a registered trade mark material you may learn more about by clicking the about FOSSHAPE(R) hats link to your left. So if you are a designer, fashion student, costumer, home sewer, or simply love hats, you now have more choices of materials for hat forms. 

You are also on the right website which includes a selection of specially created hat frames for bridal and other special events not sold anywhere else. Some of these hat frames may be customized to be taller or shorter and even head size changes in some cases.   I hope this information gives you insight to who I am and what is offered .  I look forward to your business and thank those who have purchased and continue purchasing and supporting products and services from Kay's Art of Millinery.
Kay Durden  

Kay Durden 
Millinery designer