Special FOSSHAPE(R) Crowns by Kay's Art of Millinery 

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Special crown 1. right side and left side
 views. $18.00
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Special crown 2. Left side and front views. $18.00
Special crown 3. $14.00
Special crown 4, side and front views $18.00
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TODAY IS APRIL 16, 2019 TO PLACE ORDERS GO TO THE NEW WEBSITE  https://www.kaysartofmillinery.com/fosshape-r-hat-frames
These sculpted FOSSHAPE(R) crowns are individually created to give the wearer head pieces that stand above the rest. They all can be covered painted or colored to accentuate any evening, bridal, church, costume accessory or other small hat for special events.  None of these special crowns are wired, but they will not loose the shape. Some may be easily covered while others are for jewels, beads and other appliques. Each design on this and each page is hand block on wooden hat blocks. If you have a design in mind for a wedding or other event contact us and we will create it for you. 
Special crown 5  $18.00
Special crown  6  $18.00
Special crown 7 $14.00
Special crown  8  $14.00
Special crown  9  $10.00
Special crown  10  $18.00
Special crown  11  $12.00
Special crown  12  $14.00
Special crown 13  $18.00

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