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Kay's Art of Millinery Workshop Supply Lists
Following is the list of supplies you need to bring to the Hat Covering Workshops.

1.1 yard of fabric for the outer hat covering of 2-pc brim/crown
2.¼- ½ yard of lining fabric (black satiny type) for each crown or ready-made linings purchased from 
3.1 yard of black grosgrain ribbon for inner crown of each hat
4.Matching thread for lining and outer covering 
6.Hand sewing needles
8.Straight pins (round ball quilting pins are usually sharper) 
9.Small wire cutter
10.Small can of spray adhesive
11.Several pictures of hat designs you would like to create
12.Small portable sewing machine (if possible)
13.Embellishments like flowers, pendants, horse hair or anything you feel will make your hat outstanding. 
14.Extra sewing machine needles (size 16 for denim

FASCINATOR SUPPLY LIST; The following items are required to complete your fascinator hat frames. 
1.One yard of black sinamay material or other color you choose
2.One yard of white sinamay material or other color you choose
3. 5 yards of beveled black grosgrain ribbon 
4. 5 yards of white beveled grosgrain ribbon 
5. Black thread 
6. White thread 
7. Small wire cutters  
8. Scissors 
9. Hand sewing needles 
10. Thimble  
11.Straight pins (round ball 
12. quilting pins are usually sharper) 
13, Portable sewing machine
14. Apron
15. Large bath towel
16. small face towel
17. Embellishments like flowers, pendants, horse hair or anything you feel will make your hat outstanding may be purchased at the following:,, and  
18.Extra sewing machine needles (size 16 for denim
Have a great day, thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to seeing you soon.


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