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Kay's Art of Millinery Workshop Information
Hello and welcome my name is Kay Durden and I am a milliner otherwise known as a hat maker and the owner of Kay's Art of Millinery. For those not familiar with me I have been making,selling and teaching hat making more than twenty years. Currently I live in Tennessee, but  also lived in California where I taught millinery classes at community centers, colleges, and more recently in various US cities. 

For a period I stopped offering workshops, but recently decided to offer a couple since many still contact me about classes. The good news is I will once again be offering workshops the months of June, July and August 2017.  During those months I will be presenting two workshops the first is HAT COVERING, which is being offered to promote the hat frames offered through Kay’s Art of Millinery. Those purchasing buckram hat frames through my sites and registering for this workshop may attend.

Those not familiar with covering need to know having this knowledge is valuable because unlike working with felts, straws, and other materials needing to be blocked, all you need is pre-formed hat shapes,covering knowledge and you can create hats for any occasion.  

In this workshop, you will learn which fabrics work best for covering buckram and other hat frames and which stitches work best for each stage of covering. The shapes you will be covering are round crowns, pillboxes and both curved and flat brims. Learning techniques for properly covering these hat frames will give you confidence and knowledge to cover most similarly shaped hat frames.

You will also learn to measure head sizes for proper fit, how to enlarge or decrease head sizes in ready-made or custom hats. In addition you will learn to attach two-piece (crown-brim) combinations,which can sometimes be challenging, but don’t worry. WE GOT YOU COVERED!!!! 

This workshop will teach techniques for lining, completing, and adorning the hats. In addition, you will create embellishments using horse hair, sinamay, millinery wire and more. You will be shown techniques for draping, gathering, pleating, using strips, and biased fabric pieces, which will allow you to create truly unique non-cookie cutter design. However, if you want a simply styled hat; we can do that.

There is $175.00 fee for this hat covering workshop. The 3 hat frames you will use must be pre-selected from the buckram hats pages by Kay’s Art of Millinery. The chosen frame numbers must be entered on the PayPal page under instructions from buyers section. Participants must provide supplies to cover and finish their hat frames listed on the supplies page. Workshops are limited to 10 participants each event and If hat making sounds like something you would like to learn come join me.

CREATING FASCINATORS is the second workshop being offered after realizing many like the smaller non-traditional smaller hats. This workshop consists of using sinamay to create mini hats known as fascinators. Attendees will hand block sinamay on traditional and small fascinator wooden hat blocks. They will be given one-on-one blocking instructions and will wire, and create embellishments to adorn their mini hats. 

This workshop is for anyone interested in not only knowing millinery terms; but actually learning the process for creating fascinators from start to finish. Creating fascinators is 
part of the hat blocking process and even though this workshop focuses on small hats; many of the same techniques apply to traditional hat making.

Attendees of this workshop will also learn millinery terms, where to purchase millinery supplies and other information about the art of millinery. Anyone interested in hat making,hat lovers, fashion design students,costumers, and members of sewing clubs would all benefit from taking this workshop. 

It is scheduled June, July and August 2017. These events will take place at EPI Center Memphis, 902 Cooper, Memphis TN 38104 Saturdays in the Cooper Young District. 
There is a $150.00 fee for this fascinator workshop. Participants must provide supplies listed on supply page to create between 6-8 fascinators and possibly more depending on styles chosen. I will provide hat blocks, and other necessary supplies to complete the blocking process including bias crinoline tape, wire, joiners if necessary,elastic, combs.

Workshops are limited to 10 participants each event. If this workshop sounds like something you would like to learn come join me.

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